Since inception the DA MILANO family has celebrated over sixty years of uninterrupted work - from leather tanning industry to today's large manufacturing leather goods concern. Any wonder then our years of experience, coupled with advanced technology has now placed us among the leaders in leather industry.

Today and as always we promote prized craftsmanship, an obsession for experienced handiwork and the best of resources to create our preferred signature styles. And of course in collaboration with some very famous designers we have a line to showcase every season.

In fact at Da Milano, this highly skilled craftsmanship and creativity is interpreted from season to season to address the changing trends of fashion. Our new collections are brought out four times a year. Collections with character, originality, style and flair� all bearing the signature Da Milano style. Not surprising then, our products are exported throughout the world, mainly to Europe where they are showcased at leading department stores. Our patrons comprise of people who appreciate quality leather... and also our efforts to produce them in an environment friendly manner.
summer collection 2014