Bags for Men - Getting It Right

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Bags are the most functional accessory to a man’s closet. They carry your daily necessities and shield your valuables from theft and damage. More importantly, the right bag completes you.

With so many options out there, getting spoilt for choice is easy. It can be incredibly baffling when have to cut through thousands of designs, sizes and colours to make a pick. And, it’s not just the classic sling bags for men genre swelling up; the world of men’s bag overall is hot with options pouring in all the time.


We’ve rounded off the most basic, yet essential, handbags for men that have ruled this space like a king:

The Computer Bag

Finding the right computer bag is harder than it seems. And let’s face it- they aren’t only used to carry laptops. You’ll almost always find yourself stuffing in accessories, stationery, paperwork and what not. Sturdiness is therefore, crucial. Tough strap and seams is a given – as is the built-in padding that holds it in shape. A detachable strap makes it that much more versatile to suit just about any style.

The Waist Pouch

You might be given to thinking that a waist pouch, or a fanny bag, is almost out of vogue. Not really! It is, in fact, the most convenient accessory on family outings, business trips or long vacations. They are the perfect in-between bags with myriad uses. The average-sized prototype could hold in your passport, boarding pass, stationary, with still enough space for your aviators and mobile. The point is waist pouch makes your life easier – it’s a life hack of sorts that comes with personal style statement.

The SlingBag

The classic sling bag is a staple in the men’s world. Over the years, it’s gone designer, with leather being the new hero. A perfect alternative to backpacks, sling bags for men are time-tested winners. They make all kinds of shapes, size and colours. Whether it’s a business meeting or a college fest or a marathon, just ‘hang on’ to a sling bag and…viola! Easy to carry with mass appeal --what more to ask for! 

So, there you go -- we’ve 3 of the most basic men’s bag designs decoded for you. Find them here; you can even go on to pair them up with belts, tie cases, portfolios and wallets for men. Keep an eye for more men’s tips and trends coming  your way!

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